From Shower To Spa

For years, marble has represented luxury and elegance. From cathedrals to spas, it radiates a sense of ease and relaxation in any space. When added to your bathroom renovation project, marble can open and brighten up your space while offering an effortless look that will never go out of style.

 At Creative Stonecrafters, we carry a variety of marble patterns and types guaranteed to complement your individual tastes. Marble serves as a great alternative to shower tiles, but also complements tiles well if you choose to combine elements in your design. Whether you prefer the look of black, white or other color variations, the end result is always modern and alluring.

Marble Maintenance

One of the most important factors in keeping a marble shower beautiful is careful maintenance. Some variations of marble require a specific cleaner that doesn’t cause the beautiful finish on your walls to wear away. Others require the simple solution of gentle wiping with water. 
When working with our team, we will make sure that the type of marble that goes into your home is completely sealed so you have less to worry about once your installation is complete. We will also provide any necessary cleaners and offer expert guidance so you know exactly how to keep your space looking as elegant as it possibly can.